Adult Dance Classes

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justdance adult danceRegardless of age JUSTDANCE believe dancing is a very good solution to stay in shape, feel wonderful, develop self confidence and satisfy your inner creativity.

We offer formal dance training in PoleFit, Tap and Burlesque. Whether you are just brushing up your techniques or a beginner, we have a variety of classes to fit your needs.


JUSTDANCE STUDIOS ladies on poleJUSTDANCE explodes the myth that surrounds the art of Pole Dancing, now known by its correct term of Polefit. Training and tuition is expertly brought to JUSTDANCE by Sheryl Moore and Gemma Barrett.

Most pole dancers, regardless of age, are in the best shape of their lives, simply because of the massive benefits to ones health and fitness.
PoleFit is a full-body workout. It is resistance training and cardio in one, with flexibility also being improved.

Students from the age of 18 and above at any level of experience can participate in PoleFit.

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justdance-wath-adult-ballet-newBurlesque has fast become a more popular lesson as the ladies love to enact and partake in these ageless dance routines. Be prepared for an energetic medley of fabulously choreographed dances and routines.
JUSTDANCE teach how to strut on, around and over the chair with exciting and sassy moves all carefully choreographed to tone your arms, Abs, legs and waist that leave you feeling like a foxy feline. We teach stunning routines incorporating all the basic steps and props combined with sassy feminine fun.  Burlesque will provide an empowering workout experience that leaves you with the sexy confidence of a true diva.
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 Beginners Tap

justdance beginners tapOur Tap Dance Beginners class is a step-by-step guide to the essential steps, sounds, and moves of tap dance.
Starting off by learning the sounds you can make, and their names, you will build up to simple steps.
Our Tap Dance Beginners Class is suitable for the absolute beginner or those who haven’t tapped since childhood.


Please see Timetable for further information.

If you love the idea of an Adult Class Contact JUSTDANCE  for more information on 07913310870